Xiamen Bonatome Lanyards & Ribbons Co.,Ltd (Registered NO. : 91350206MA2XYCBW02)

Since 2008, Bonatome was found in Xiamen China. As a professional manufacturer and exporter, we are providing a wide range of satin, grosgrain, orangza and elastic ribbons, custom prints, hair bows, packaging wrap, etc, that will meet your needs for crafting, sewing, packaging and more. We are dedicated to high quality products and 100% customer satisfaction.

We also have a great team with trained, experienced and helpful people to give you personal touch. You are sure to find everything at Bonatome Ribbons.

At Bonatome, we base on one simple rule: You Pay for What You Get! We will be greatly happy to own your trust and satisfaction. Your coming back is the best comment on us!